Springsteen Countdown Back Tomorrow

Hi, readers. Due to unforeseen technical difficulties (all right, I forgot to hit the “Publish” button,) there wasn’t an update today. Sorry about that; won’t happen again, and I’ll add five on Saturday to make up for it.


3 Comments on “Springsteen Countdown Back Tomorrow”

  1. Baggy says:

    You’ve been listening to that Bob Dylan Tempest all day i bet…don’t blame you!

    • countdownkid says:

      No, I just screwed up. But you can read my review of the Dylan album at Americansongwriter.com, where you can also see my mini-countdown of the Band’s Top 20 songs.

      • Baggy says:

        Great review of the Dylan album thanks; I’m waiting for the vinyl to arrive next week rather than join in the streaming this week – there is a sub-group of deferred gratificationists on Expecting Rain.

        Also enjoyed reading the top 20 Band tracks – must have Ophelia in there for me though.

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