Tom Petty E-Book

Good news, everybody. Endeavour Press, my co-conspirators in endlessly detailing the songs of rock’s finest artists, have just published an e-book on my Tom Petty list. It’s called Breakdown: Tom Petty’s 100 Best Songs. As I will be taking down many of the Petty essays from the blog, it will be the only place to read the complete list, so I encourage all TP fans to give it a look see, especially considering the very affordable price. Here are the Amazon links:



If you do purchase the book and you’ve got a minute, please write a review on Amazon and, if you’re on the UK Amazon site, hit the “Like” button.

As for the blog, I promise my Radiohead list is in the offing real soon, and I’m starting to think about exclusive blog content of some sort to give something back to my loyal readers who have been with me since the start. Talk to you all soon.

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