Classic Album Reviews, Countdown Kid-style

As promised in my last post, I’m beginning a new ongoing project today to ensure that my blog readers get exclusive material that isn’t found in my e-books or books or magazine writing. I’ll be doing classic album reviews in typical Countdown Kid fashion, ranking the songs from worst to first. I’ll give a star rating to each (1 to 5) to give you an idea of how each song measures out in the grand scheme of things and to show the album’s overall quality relative to other releases.

Believe me, I understand that albums should be judged as a whole, so I’ll try to take the context into consideration when I’m ranking the songs. But there is no doubt that instant downloads have made choosing certain songs from an album a common practice. For those of you who do that kind of thing, I would still advise listening to the album as a whole, but these rankings of mine will nonetheless aid you if you wish to cherry-pick.

I hope you all enjoy this, which I plan to do twice a week, with no random order to the albums I choose; it will be whatever pops into my head on a given day. Let me know what you think. First one should be up in about an hour or so.

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One Comment on “Classic Album Reviews, Countdown Kid-style”

  1. B. Egan says:

    Oh! This is gonna be FUN!! Blonde on Blonde? Good luck with your newest project, Jim.

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