Wrapping Up The Dylan Retro Reviews

Well, it’s been a fun ride recounting the albums of Bob Dylan with you. I devoted a lot of time and care to it, mainly because of the reaction of my readers. My favorite part of this blog is the interaction, and these Retro Reviews certainly promoted a lot of that.

I’m taking a little break for a vacation this week, but I promise you the blog will not lie fallow for long. These Retro Reviews are a great way to dive into the work of an artist, so I plan on starting one again up very soon. (Lots of possibilities for artists, but I’ll take suggestions.)

Obviously, I’ll still be promoting the Dylan book as much as possible in the meantime. On that note, I would ask again that, if you have ordered it and have a little time when you finish reading, you write out a little review on Amazon, Barnes &Noble, GoodReads, or whatever online site you choose. I’m not asking for raves unless you think the book deserves it, just your honest assessment. It will help the book get in front of more potential buyers.

For those of you who haven’t ordered and really like the site, I can say that the book is in the same vein as the Retro Reviews, only it goes deeper and much more thorough into Dylan’s songs. I think you’d like it, so I hope you check it out. Remember that it’s available on all major online sites and is available in E-book form as well. (For those relatively new to the site, search my name, Jim Beviglia, on Amazon and you’ll see the trio of E-Books I’ve done on Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, and Radiohead, all available at reasonable prices.) Also, you can check in on my writing at American Songwriter. (I’m reviewing the new Bootleg Series discs; you’re going to love them.)

That will do it for my shameless plugging. For now, I just want to thank everyone who read and participated. Keep the comments coming and I promise to respond when I can. And stay tuned for more very soon from your friendly neighborhood Countdown Kid.


6 Comments on “Wrapping Up The Dylan Retro Reviews”

  1. Jacek says:

    With regard to future Retro Review series: do you know Leonard Cohen’s discography well enough?

  2. Kross says:

    Leonard Cohen could be a lot of fun. Beach Boys could be interesting too.

    • countdownkid says:

      Cohen is high on the list. The Beach Boys would be a blast, no doubt, although it would get a bit depressing as the years go on. Here are some off the top of my head: Cohen, Paul Simon (both with Garfunkel and solo), Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Tom Waits, The Kinks, Warren Zevon, Joni Mitchell, Prince. Much will have to do with the availability of albums on Spotify for those catalogs that I have to fill out. But I hope to start one soon, because I really enjoyed the Dylan reviews so much. Springsteen and The Beatles will be held back because I’m planning books on both (fingers crossed), so I’ll save those to time it with those releases.

      • Kross says:

        The Beach Boys do get depressing after “Love You” (though I liked their last album). The Kinks and the Stones could get complicated because which to you choose the American or the British albums? If you do American it’s not really what the bands intended but if you do the British releases then you miss a lot of singles that made them popular to begin with. I don’t think Pink Floyd would be a great idea because so much of their work’s power comes from full album not individual tracks. Personally I think Led Zeppelin and Paul Simon could be fun. Whatever you choose I will enjoy reading.

  3. Baggy says:

    I really enjoyed your individual album retro reviews, eg BOTW. A full Paul Simon career review , plus Artie as well, would be great.

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