A Request From CK

Hey, friends. Sorry for the lack of posts since the completion of my Paul Simon list. I’m hip-deep into my Bruce Springsteen book and trying to get it done before the start of December. Thus, a new list is probably not in the offing until then.

In the meantime, I’m making a small request. For those of you who have purchased Counting Down Bob Dylan: His 100 Finest Songs, have completed it, and have a few moments, I would really appreciate it if you’d write a little review on the Amazon page. I’m not asking for a rave unless I earned it; just honesty. The more reviews that are on there, the more the book shows up in Amazon’s various algorithms when people search for Bob Dylan and the like. Right now there are just a pair of reviews up there: A very generous five-star rave and a one-star trashing by a guy who admits to not having read the book. I’m not the type to get friends to put up fake reviews, but I thought that my loyal readers might be open to giving it a whirl. The links are below for both the US and UK Amazon pages.

For those of you really missing my writing until I have the time to get posting again, check out my stuff at American Songwriter. I thought I’d provide a link to wet your whistle.

Again, any reviews would be much appreciated. Talk to you all soon, and have a good one.