Good News, Bad News, and More Good News

Let’s start with my apologies for taking so long between posts. With the combination of deadlines for my magazine and book writing and the wrap-up of my season at my full-time job, there was simply no time for me to start up a new countdown. I dearly miss this blog when I’m away from it, so it’s good to be back.

Now for the first set of good news. Part of the reason that I’ve been so busy is that I was finishing up my second book for Scarecrow Press. That book, which will count down the Top 100 songs of Bruce Springsteen in the same way that I did with the songs of Bob Dylan in my previous book, should be coming out in the U.S. sometime in the summer of ’14 and in Europe a few months after that.

Unlike the Dylan book, which used large portions of what I originally wrote on this blog, the Springsteen book is pretty much new writing, with the essays that I wrote on this blog for my Springsteen countdown at best offering up a few phrases here and there. I also did some re-ranking to clean up what I thought were some mistakes on my part, so, rest assured Boss enthusiasts, you won’t be having much deja vu should you purchase the book even if you’ve been keeping up with this blog.

That brings me, alas, to the bad news. Even though the differences are vast between the essays in the  countdown and essays in the book, even though the rankings are different, and even though the book is about 77,000 words long, which is more than twice as long as what I wrote on the subject in the blog, I still need to take down the countdown from this blog to ensure that people will check the book out. I’m sad about having to do it, but the idea for this blog was always to find readers for my writing so that maybe I could do it for a living, so the book has to be the priority.

But, and now we’re back to the good news, I do have time in my schedule now to start up a new series of Retro Reviews. And this one should be interesting. Starting on Monday, I’ll be going chronologically through the albums of Pink Floyd. It should be intriguing to compare and contrast the different periods, from the Syd Barrett debut album to the mid-70’s peak period to the controversial post-Roger Waters albums. Plus it will be fascinating to pull songs apart from albums that are so conceptually and thematically unified. I’ve been a huge Floyd fan for a long time, and the one thing about them that has always seemed criminally underrated to me is their songwriting skills, so this is my chance to spotlight that.

Any questions or thoughts in the meantime, please let me know. Again, for those of you who read the Dylan book and have a few minutes, I could really use some reviews on the Amazon page to help garner more exposure. Honest reviews, of course, but even a few sentences would help.

Talk to you all on Monday. Looking forward to it.



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