Tuesday Touts (May 13, 2014)

Here’s another quintet of Touts for your perusal.

“Still Knocking At The Door” by Papercuts: Melancholy psychedelia never goes out of style, does it? From The Beatles, Procol Harum, and onward, minor-key chords, strings, and spaced-out melodies have proved pretty durable, and this San Francisco collective led by Jason Quever gets it just right on this beauty of a single. Makes me want to check out their new album Life Among The Savages, available now.

“100 Different Ways Of Being Alone” by Bettysoo: Someone should let Paul Simon know that there are more ways of being alone than getting there. Bettysoo is coming off a pretty lengthy hiatus since her last album, but she sure doesn’t sound rusty on this sumptuous folk-pop groover. Her new album, When We’re Gone arrives on May 27, but you can check out this track via CMTEdge.com in the link below.


“Goshen ’97” by Strand Of Oaks: This pounding country-rocker reminds me of some of the classic hits of .38 Special. Alt-rock legend J. Mascis chips in on guitar, joining Strand Of Oaks frontman Tim Showalter for a furious assault that gets in and out in three minutes and leaves you wanting more. That’s quite the tease for the upcoming album Heal, out in June. The YouTube link is below.

All Or Nothin’ by Nikki Lane: Sometimes artists that are heavily hyped fail to deliver on that promise on record. Nikki Lane’s new album, her second, doesn’t fall into that trap. The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach helps out with production that suits Lane’s sassy delivery. She shows throughout the album that she’s a multifaceted artist, capable of handling blues, rockers, and weepers with equal aplomb. The title track for the album, out now, is in the link.

The Reconsider Me Tout of the Week- Change Everything by Del Amitri: Most Americans know this Scottish band from their peppy ’95 hit “Roll To Me.” But Change Everything, from 1992, bucked the grunge trend with bittersweet melodies and open-hearted lyrics from frontman Justin Currie. Check out the shoulda-been-a-hit ballad “Be My Downfall”, and then go find this album post-haste.

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