Tuesday Touts (July 29, 2014)

Things are finally settling somewhat in the CK household, which means it’s time to touch base again with my loyal readers. I promise to start thinking about another list real soon for you all, but in the meantime, here are some of the things that I’ve enjoyed listening to since the last time we talked.

Hypnotic Eye by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: It’s good to know that some things in the rock and roll world don’t change much. Knowing that TP is out there keeping the flame alive is reassuring; knowing that he’s releasing material that can stand proudly alongside his best is thrilling. Out today, Hypnotic Eye features the Heartbreakers at their fiercest (Mike Campbell is in particularly ripping form), while Petty’s songs are attheir most incisive and invigorating. My full review of the album will be available at the American Songwriter site soon. In the meantime, take a listen to the thundering kickoff track “American Dream Plan B” below.

“Back To The Shack” by Weezer: Just when you count out Rivers Cuomo and the boys, they fire back at you with an impossibly catchy, righteously rocking track like this one. It certainly speaks well of their upcoming fall album Everything Will Be Alright In The End. As self-referential as ever, Cuomo promises a return to form for the band and then wills it into existence with the track itself.

“Start Again” by Bishop Allen: From the album Lights Out, due on August 19, this buzzy new single has the deadpan New Wave rush of classic Cars. It’s been five years since these Brooklynites debut album, but, based on this exciting evidence, the new album will be worth the wait.

“War On The East Coast” by The New Pornographers: I’ve been in the bag for these power poppers since I heard “The Laws Have Changed” a decade or so ago. Dan Bejar takes the lead on this one, and, as usual, adds just a touch of dreamy introspection to the sugar rush. The new album, Brill Builders, arrives next month, and the first two singles have me drooling in anticipation.

The Reconsider Me Tout of the Week: The Invisible Band by Travis- Sometimes it feels like an album gets dismissed because the tastemakers decide that a band’s time in the spotlight has already passed. That’s my roundabout way of saying that I can’t understand why this gorgeous 2001 album from Travis didn’t gain more of a foothold here in the U.S. Nonetheless, the evidence of its excellence is there for anyone who wants to seek it out, including this track, “The Cage”, my personal favorite.

See you next week with more Touts. Don’t forget to e-mail me at countdownkid@hotmail.com or follow me on Twitter @JimBeviglia.





Still Catching Up

The Tuesday Touts will have to wait another week due to my busier-than-expected schedule (House renovations are never-ending, let me tell you.) Nonetheless, here’s a little something to tide you over: My most recent article at American Songwriter, profiling the gorgeously sad “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” by Jeff Buckley.



Back From Hiatus

Sorry for the radio silence for the past few weeks, folks. I’ve been busy promoting the book and, last week, getting married and going on my honeymoon. You can understand why the Better Half might not have liked me compiling lists of songs during that time period.

Anyway, I’m still playing catch-up this week, which means I’m just touching base today to let you all know I’m alive. For those of you who may have missed it, American Songwriter ran a bunch of excerpts from Counting Down Bruce Springsteen: His 100 Finest Songs in the last week or so. Check those out when you get the chance.

Speaking of the book, hopefully everybody in the U.S, who ordered it has received it by now. If you have and you’ve had the chance to read it, and if you have a few minutes in your day, a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or whatever book site you use would be greatly appreciated.

Next week I’ll be back with another edition of the Tuesday touts, and I may have another list in me soon, although when that occurs depends on how quickly I get into the research for my next Counting Down book project (stay tuned for that as well.)

So keep watching for updates, and thanks, as always, for reading.