Tuesday Touts (October 5, 2014)

I know, I know, I’ve been promising new Touts for ages now. Hopefully, I can earn your forgiveness with this standout batch of four cool new suggestions and one unheralded older album. Here we go:

“Home (Leave The Lights On)” by Field Report: A shimmering piece of pop that fuses electronic atmosphere, swaying acoustic guitar, and a pretty melody into an impeccable whole. I would recommend you start with this lead single and then proceed directly to Field Report’s new album Marigolden, which is out today as a matter of fact.

“How Can You Really” by Foxygen: Holy Crap, I thought that Todd Rundgren was busting out a comeback when I heard this retro killer. (By the way, can we request a Todd Rundgren comeback?) Luckily, this one transcends mere imitation and stands on its own. Foxygen’s new album Foxygen…And Star Power arrives next week, and this one has me seriously curious.

“Call My Name” by Haerts: Haerts is a new band from New York determined to add to the impressive list of electro-pop with female leads. With that band name, they’re also apparently determined to confound spell-check programs everywhere. We can forgive them that if they can keep churning out pieces of irresistibly bittersweet balladry like this one. Their self-titled debut comes out October 28.

“Hey Rose” by Streets Of Lared0: You’d never know by that name but this new band is from New Zealand. These foreigners attack the American roots music they clearly love with abandon and without a slice of irony. I could have recommended any number of songs from their exciting debut full-length, cheekily titled Volume I and II and out today, but this bounding lead single is a great place to start.

The Reconsider Me Tout of the Week- Be Here Now by Oasis: Considering that even the band members itself slammed this album pretty ruthlessly in subsequent years, it’s often overlooked or flat-out disdained. Yet if you just tune in to its excessive, bombastic wavelength, you might find yourself enjoying the thing. And it has one of the band’s all-time finest ballads in “Don’t Go Away”, reason enough to check it out right there.

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