Wednesday Weeper of the Week: “Love Is The End” by Keane

I’m a big fan of what I like to call running-in-the-rain songs. They’re the kinds of songs that have a desperately romantic theme and that build from quiet beginnings to massive crescendos, which make them perfect for movie scenes where the hero or heroine has to chug through a rainstorm to get to their significant other before it’s too late. Granted, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie where this actually happened, but my mind’s eye forms this image when I hear certain songs, something about the urgency of the feeling on display.

“If You Leave” by OMD is a great running-in-the-rain track; I think Andrew McCarthy may have run in Pretty In Pink after Molly Ringwald, although it may have been more of a saunter, and I don’t think there was rain involved, but still, the song was wet-sprinting perfection. Bob Dylan’s “Is Your Love In Vain” is a sneaky running-in-the-rain song. For the whippersnappers, “Amnesia” by Five Seconds Of Summer fits this category well.

Now consider one of my pet peeves: It drives me nuts when a buzz band keeps doing good work after their initial flush of success and yet their bandwagon seems to empty if for no other reason than they’re not new anymore. Case in point: Keane, who broke onto the scene in 2004 with the sleeper hit “Somewhere Only We Know” and was heavily hyped coming out of Great Britain. By the time their 2008 album Perfect Symmetry came around, at least in America, it seemed like nobody cared, even though the band was doing the same kinds of good things that garnered them the attention in the first place.

But I was still on board and still enjoying Keane’s unabashed romanticism, rich melodic sense, and sense of high drama. And so these two phenomena, the running-in-the-rain song and the once-hyped band now an afterthought, collide on “Love Is The End”, the closing song on Perfect Symmetry. Get your galoshes out, folks, because once the staccato piano chords signal singer Tom Chaplin to kick into his swoony big finish, you’ll be looking for the nearest downpour so you can race to the one you love.

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